St. Joseph’s Health Centre: Guelph, ON

Amico has partnered with St. Joseph’s Health Centre in developing its surplus lands in Guelph, ON. The project is to be developed on 2.3 acres of land adjacent to the existing health care campus on Westmount Road. The project includes 28 single-storey townhomes and a 7-storey apartment building all designed to be attractive to seniors. Both the apartment building and all townhomes are designed and will be constructed to 100% barrier free standardswith additional health care support to be provided from the adjacent health care campus. As a result, the townhomes provide an environment for seniors looking to maintain their independence while still benefitting from the services provided by the adjacent hospital and long-term care facility. The commencement of construction has been paused to provide an opportunity to make application for federal grant funding through the CMHC National Housing Co-investment Fund. Using experience gained from other projects, Amico is also assisting St. Joseph’s with its application process.