A Portfolio of Projects

Dundas Place Downtown Redevelopment

Client: City of London
Completed: 2019
Project Value: $26 MILLION

Dundas Place is identified in the 2015-19 Strategic Plan for the City of London under the “Growing Our Economy” Strategic Area of Focus. Municipal Council has recognized the importance of urban regeneration. Dundas Place invested in London’s downtown as the heart of the city by creating a flexible street for shopping, leisure, civic activities and celebrations.

Dundas Place is the first of ten transformational projects in the city’s Our Move Forward: London’s Downtown Plan initiative. The Dundas Place project will be a flexible street between Ridout and Wellington streets that allows pedestrians, cyclists and motorists to effectively share the same space while offering the opportunity to serve different programmed functions throughout the year. Construction of the street will utilize unique high-quality materials such as unit pavers, movable bollards and street furniture to define the character of the area. The goal is to create a hot spot for culture, arts and entertainment on that portion of Dundas, which will swap between a pedestrian-only area and a street with regular vehicle traffic.

Scope of Work: As the General Contractor, Amico’s scope of work includes: infrastructure renewal, including extensive third party utility upgrades and creation of Dundas Place features along the four blocks from Ridout Street to Wellington Street.