Our vision was developed to address the needs of a rapidly evolving construction industry.

It dramatically improves every aspect of the construction cycle, reducing time, cost, risk and material usage.  As well, its significantly tighter build-out schedules deliver a sense of momentum that clients notice and appreciate.

A-LINX is a fully integrated general-contract-service provider that pre-builds exterior/interior load-bearing wall systems and roof trusses. Our systems allow you to complete your superstructure in an expedited timeframe, reducing the building costs associated with traditional construction. Standard or custom components, including pre-finished panels in a range of building material options, allows for design flexibility and can adapt to unique client demands. Tighter tolerances and precision assembly processes dramatically reduce site issues, allowing your project to advance with previously unthinkable speed, accuracy and economy.

Summary of benefits to offsite construction

  • Reduced number of skilled workers needed on site
  • Enhanced workmanship and factory-built precision
  • Improved quality control and production efficiencies
  • Reduced time to watertight superstructure
  • Reduced total superstructure install costs