Cornerstones of Collaboration

Productive partnerships don’t just happen; they are nurtured and cultivated through relationship building that intelligently balances divergent needs and varied points of view. At Amico, our success is built upon a culture of collaboration that is supported by these three cornerstone philosophies:

We Partner for Productivity

We use a strategic approach to choosing partners, creating positive alignments of capabilities, expectations, and values. The goal: to create associations that are 100% aligned to the project’s outcomes, above and beyond individual perspectives.

We Lead Through Empowerment

We see leadership as a role deployed not from the top, but from the centre and that productive partnerships are rooted in empowerement. Experience has taught us that innovation grows only where the culture is receptive to novel and disruptive points of view.

We See Challenges As Portals of Opportunity

We resolve issues and conflicts in a productive, efficiant and mutually supportive way. Within Amico’s culture of collaboration, challenges are embraced as the inpetus of innovation and the pathway to ongoing leadership.