Amico working on the MTO Queen Elizabeth Way Improvements Project

Aerial view of Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW)

Amico is currently working on the Ministry of Transportation tendered reconstruction project on the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW), located from east of Cawthra Road to west of Etobicoke Creek in Mississauga, Ontario. The reconstruction project is 4.6km in length and will require Amico to complete extensive excavation and grading, drainage, road reconstruction, structure installation, landscaping, utility installation/relocation, and more. Specifically, the project requires the construction and replacements of the Ogden Ave. Pedestrian Bridge, Applewood Creek Culvert, and Dixie Road Underpass. Numerous environmental impacts and mitigation efforts will also be required in addition to traffic signals, illumination, electrical improvements, and a multi-use trail for use by pedestrians and cyclists. The project is scheduled for a 2026 completion.