2030: Our Strategy for Long Term Leadership

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Amico’s corporate culture has always revolved around entrepreneurism and innovation, so it’s no secret that Amico is very excited about Industry 4.0. The convergence of digital and physical infrastructure means more than data points – it means having Autonomous Vehicles and the supporting infrastructure to ensure communications between vehicles and infrastructure. It means improving construction safety and production by using Artificial Intelligence, drone technology and 3D scanning. It means creating Smart Cities that enhance the residential experience with dynamic roadways, smart energy and water management systems. Industry 4.0 will not only change industry, it will change the way we interact with infrastructure.


Building infrastructure is changing the way structures share data applications, how they are constructed and maintained through Building Information Modelling (BIM) and more dramatically through 3D printing technologies. Amico has already adopted many of the most advanced building technologies through its affiliate A-LINX and will continue this growth to ensure our building infrastructure reflects the most advanced technologies.


Industry 4.0 will significantly affect the field of transportation. All of the anticipated advances – autonomous vehicles, shared vehicles, electric vehicles and other emerging forms of transportation – will require communications and connections between infrastructure and vehicles as well as safe interaction with the public and pedestrians. Amico will continue to be at the forefront of changes to physical infrastructure to support this digital transformation.

Smart Cities

Imagine a Smart City where intelligent technologies can save a driver 10 hrs. a week through better traffic control; where smart energy and water management grids can reduce costs and environmental impacts; where connected smarter first-response vehicles can improve emergency-management situations. The options for connecting cities and linking infrastructure through advanced technology will provide these opportunities.