Why Partner with Amico?

Working with our clients and partners, we’ve been building a better future, together, since 1987.

Here’s how:

Proven Depth & Capability

There is no greater indicator of capability than a solid history of demonstrated successes. Our track record speaks for itself.


Team-Building Leadership

Complex undertakings require teamwork and adaptability. Our entire organization is built around a deep culture of collaboration.


Reliability & Integrity

Successful partnerships are built on mutually rewarding experiences. Amico is 100% dedicated to ethical, win-win solutions.


Adaptive Synergies

The phrase Adaptive Synergies speaks to our most valued attribute: our capacity to build strong, productive partnerships. It recognizes our culture of intellectual flexibility and our willingness to explore innovative approaches to problem solving. That heightened level of adaptiveness is central to everything we do. It is what is most important to us and, we believe, to the clients and organizations we partner with.

Amico Makes List of Top 100 Canada’s Biggest Infrastructure Projects

Top 100 Canada's Biggest Infrastructure Projects